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Free WhatsAppwhatsapp-icon QR Code Generator

Generate a shareable QR code for your WhatsApp Business with our simple tool within 2 minutes

Benefits of using WhatsApp QR code

Quick Chats:
With a WhatsApp QR code, your customers can quickly scan & contact your business without saving your WhatsApp number on their phone.
Increase Reach:
WhatsApp QR codes can be printed & placed anywhere (physical locations, websites, social media & even e-mail signatures) to target a wide range of customers.
Highly Secure:
When scanning QR codes, customers need not provide any details including their phone numbers. This reduces the risk of information leaks.

Create Your Own WhatsApp QR Code

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    WhatsApp QR Code For Businesses: FAQs

    WhatsApp QR codes are scannable codes that enable users to quickly connect with a WhatsApp profile & initiate conversations instantly.

    WhatsApp QR codes are one of the most secure ways to connect with someone because users don’t need to provide any information (even phone numbers) when they scan & connect with others.

    Since WhatsApp QR codes are portable, versatile & cost-effective, you can use them on most online & offline avenues like Stores, Websites, E-Mails, etc. QR codes eliminate the need to save customer mobile numbers thereby ensuring hassle-free opt-ins.

    Yes! Since QR codes are linked to WhatsApp Business profiles, you need to generate a new QR code once you change your phone number. When you create a new link, the previous link will stop working.

    WhatsApp Business users can use the pre-populated messages as tracking data points. WhatsApp Business API users can track their QR code data (including message frequency & geographical data) with the help of Business Service Providers like Gallabox.