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WhatsApp QR Code Generator


Get More Leads and Sales with a WhatsApp QR Code Generator

Make engagement problems a thing of the past with a WhatsApp QR Code Generator. Let your customers (current and potential) reach you effortlessly, capturing every possible opportunity.


Why Should I Use a WhatsApp QR Code Generator?

With a WhatsApp QR code generator, you can address issues such as overlooked opportunities, diminishing sales, and disconnected contacts, seamlessly connecting you with customers and prospects.

Engage Audiences Swiftly

With just a few clicks, set up a direct QR code that enables individuals without your contact details to initiate communication via WhatsApp Business.

Improve Your Business Processes

Improve your communication strategies, boost engagement, and enrich customer experience by allowing customers and prospective clients to reach you instantly.

Unlock Revenue Growth

Access untapped revenue potentials, boost your sales, and heighten your profit margins by leveraging the power of personalised WhatsApp QR codes.

How to Create QR Codes for WhatsApp Business in 3 Simple Steps?

In just three simple steps, you can create a personalised WhatsApp QR code through Gallabox:

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Provide Your Details

Just feed your WhatsApp Business number into Gallabox's WhatsApp QR code generator

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Craft a Unique Message

Add an alluring and engaging message to your WhatsApp code to make it more interactive

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Generate a WhatsApp QR Code

Once ready, hit the "Generate Link" button to get your unique, free WhatsApp QR code

    Note: Check if the country code you have entered is correct.
    Example: “Hello, I am interested to know more about your business”.

    - or -

    Why 1500+ Customers Trust Gallabox?

    Gallabox is a potent tool to generate WhatsApp QR codes and an essential platform to boost your WhatsApp Automation requirements. Below are five compelling reasons why you should consider Gallabox for all your WhatsApp Automation needs:
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    Supercharge Your Sales Pipeline

    Send personalised recommendations to your potential customers based on their behaviour, purchase history, and more.

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    Streamline Your Process Efficiency

    As our bots handle routine tasks, your team gets more time to focus on larger, strategic initiatives that need a human touch.

    Grow your brand salience

    Implement Savvy Marketing Tactics

    Establish a custom WhatsApp drip campaign to reach your dream 100 customers just when they least anticipate it.

    Grow your brand salience

     Enhance Every Customer Interaction

    Keep your contacts engaged by dispatching timely updates, reminders and even a dash of amusing GIFs for good measure

    Grow your brand salience

    Establish a Single Source of Truth

    Maintain clear communication channels by storing all conversations neatly collated in a single location, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

    Grow your brand salience

    Amplify Your Profits and Revenue

    Construct and execute tailored Facebook and Instagram advertisements that guide leads directly to WhatsApp, consequently reducing your cost per lead.

    Hear Our Customers' Experiences

    Trusted globally by over 1500 companies across more than 40 countries , Gallabox is the go-to solution for managing and automating WhatsApp business communication.

    Drive Quality Leads with QR Codes; Boost
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    WhatsApp QR Code Generator:
    Frequently Asked Questions

    A WhatsApp QR code is a unique code that opens a direct communication channel through a company's WhatsApp Business number.

    When a WhatsApp QR Code is scanned with a smartphone camera or a QR code reader app, it automatically opens a chat with the assigned WhatsApp business account, simplifying connecting with the business.

    Absolutely not; creating a WhatsApp QR code with Gallabox is entirely free of charge

    Not at all; there are no limits when utilising Gallabox to create a WhatsApp QR Code.

    Using WhatsApp QR Codes, SMB owners can enhance customer engagement, boost sales, and simplify their communication practices with customers

    A WhatsApp link serves as a direct pathway to your WhatsApp Business number. Conversely, a WhatsApp QR code is a scannable asset granting access to your WhatsApp Business number.