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Gallabox The Best Verloop Alternative

Gallabox - Your All in One WhatsApp Business Tool

Gallabox is a one-stop customer support WhatsApp Business tool that empowers businesses to engage quicker and better with their customers. The multi-agent team inbox supports as many agents as required with unlimited contact management and an easy-to-use no-code chatbot builder.

If you have been facing any difficulties in creating a chatbot on Verloop, Gallabox’s newly launched Chatbot Templates are your quick fix. Simply select from the available templates, customise it to your brand and deploy your bot.

verloop vs Gallabox: A Comparative Table of Features, Offerings & More

Green tick verification
Free green-tick application
Chatbot Flow
AI Chatbot
Advanced Chatbot with Bot Actions
Contacts Managements
Broadcast Scheduling
Internal Team conversations
Canned Responses

Is Verloop The Right Tool For Your Business?


  • Omnichannel support tool.

  • AI multilingual chatbots to respond to customers

  • Re-engagement follow-ups and reminders with automation feature.


  • Being an omnichannel service provider, Verloop’s features do not specialise in WhatsApp Business Solutions.

  • They are yet to release a shop/catalogue feature for businesses to showcase their product offerings on WhatsApp.

  • Their chatbot builder is quite complex to manoeuvre around and takes time to build.

  • They do not specialise in segmented targeting of customers through WhatsApp broadcasts

Why Gallabox?

WhatsApp Chatbot

Shared Team Inbox

WhatsApp Broadcast

WhatsApp Shop

Gallabox’s shared team inbox unleashes the superpower of WhatsApp Business APIs providing users with the best tools to increase their support, sales, marketing, and team efforts. If you are wondering why Gallabox is the WhatsApp solution you should choose alternatively to verloop, here are some of our best offerings:

  • Shop on WhatsApp with Gallabox’s WhatsApp Catalogues

  • Easy to Build No-code Chatbot with Chatbot Templates

  • User-Friendly Team Dashboard

  • Re-Engagement Tools like: Bulk Broadcasting, Segmented Broadcasting, Follow-up Reminders, Assignment Rules, and more

  • Access your Gallabox account from Anywhere with Our Mobile Application.

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