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Target the right audience with laser-focused WhatsApp campaigns

Amplify the reach of your WhatsApp Broadcasts with segmentation, personalization, and automation with a human touch.

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Target the right audience with laser-focused WhatsApp campaigns

1800+Customers Who Get More Out of Their Broadcasts

Contact Segmentation
Contact Segmentation

3X Your Response Rates with Segmentation

Divide your contacts into smaller, manageable groups based on their responses or characteristics so that you can tailor messages that resonate with them, increase responsiveness, and ultimately improve profitability.

Reply-to Configuration

Manage Broadcast Replies with Team Assignments

Set up a seamless reply configuration to qualify leads, automate replies, and save time while improving engagement and increasing lead flow. Auto-assign conversations to a specific rep or a team instantly based on the prospect’s response. 

Reply-to Configuration
Campaign Performance
Campaign Performance

Keep an Eye on Your Marketing Metrics

Get a bird’s eye view of your WhatsApp campaign performance with a handy dashboard that shares insightful analytics. View open rates, replies, and other broadcast metrics within the Gallabox dashboard to optimize your broadcasts and speed up decision-making.

Abandoned cart triggers

Recover abandoned carts and turn window shoppers into paying customers

Re-target customers with personalized messages showcasing product details and special offers, gently reminding them about the awesome items they were eyeing. Convert those window-shoppers into loyal customers, and watch your sales soar!

Abandoned cart triggers
Catalog Message Template
Catalog Message Template

Showcase & Sell with Multi-Product Message Templates

Showcase up to 30 products from your catalog in a single, interactive message. They can browse products, view details, add and remove items, and seamlessly complete their purchase – all without leaving the whatsapp.

Much More than a Bulk WhatsApp Sender

Gallabox offers much more than a simple bulk broadcasting tool to amplify the reach of your marketing campaigns. Here are five reasons why Gallabox would be a right fit for you:
Simplify Lead Qualification

Get rid of lead qualification troubles by collecting quality data using interactive forms aka WhatsApp Flows.

Improve Your Efficiency

Automate FAQ responses, reminders, confirmations, and more, allowing your team to focus on high-impact tasks.

Schedule Drip Campaigns

Send targeted drip marketing campaigns on WhatsApp to nurture your prospects and customers until they’re ready to buy.

Amplify Your Marketing ROI

Re-target unresponsive broadcast recipients and use our entire WhatsApp Automation Arsenal to improve your marketing ROI.

Why Fast-Growing Businesses Love Gallabox

Take a look at the accolades and awards Gallabox has scored from G2 as proof of the love customers have for our product.

Start Segmenting Contacts, Automating Conversations, and Optimising Your Campaigns with Gallabox.