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WhatsApp Razorpay Integration

Automate Payments on Whatsapp with Razorpay

Reduce friction, delight customers, and close deals faster by making payments on WhatsApp easy with Razorpay.

No credit card required

No setup fee


One-click Payment Links

Convert engaging prospects to paying customers

Go from engaging in WhatsApp conversations to closing deals without switching between payment apps. Generate a Razorpay payment link instantly and share it with your prospects when they are ready to buy.


Payment Workflows

Say goodbye to late payments and frustrating collection efforts

Automate your end-to-end payment workflow, be it payment reminders, acknowledgments, generating invoices or managing refunds—all without compromising the customer experience.

Catalogs for E-commerce

Reduce cart abandonment. Increase revenue.

Offer a whole new level of convenience and interactivity to eCommerce. Reduce cart abandonment, and engage your customers better by integrating your product catalog into WhatsApp with a Pay Now button.


Automate and simplify payments on WhatsApp today!


Gallabox solves our pain points, such as unattended customer & agent chat visibility


Vaseem Ahmed

Founder & CEO, Travelmite


The integration process is incredibly straightforward, with no hassles whatsoever. Furthermore, the support provided is excellent.


Rohit Shukla

Founder, ESTR Holidays

Automate and simplify payments on WhatsApp today!

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Razorpay-Gallabox integration

Not at all. This is where Gallabox makes it super easy. You can integrate RazorPay and WhatsApp in minutes with just a few clicks and start sharing payment links on WhatsApp.

Yes! Integrating RazorPay with Gallabox is a secure option for automating payments on WhatsApp. Further, WhatsApp uses encryption and follows security protocols and industry best practices to ensure your data is secured while being stored or transferred.

By integrating RazorPay and WhatsApp, you can automate end-to-end payment workflow, i.e., from payment reminders to acknowledgments to generating invoices to managing refunds, without compromising on customer experience.