What is WhatsApp Flows? Without All the Jargon!
What is WhatsApp Flows? Without All the Jargon!

What is WhatsApp Flows? Without All the Jargon!

Shivasankari Bhuvaneswaran

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Who wouldn't love the idea of collecting data or qualifying leads with just a simple chat on WhatsApp? Like every great goal, there are a few dragons to slay before we get to the happily-ever-after part.

It turns out that automating customer interactions on WhatsApp without becoming code-literate is not that straightforward: a message here, and button click there, and voila, one might think. But alas, WhatsApp's complexity has more layers than an onion (and dealing with all those technical terms can bring you to tears, just like when you're chopping an onion).

Forget about the dragons, though, because here comes the knight in shining armour – WhatsApp Flows is your digital Excalibur, ready to vanquish all those complexities.

With this game-changing feature, WhatsApp Flows, businesses can automate their chats and tame that wild horse of customer interactions. This blog is your handy guidebook to understanding WhatsApp Flows.

We'll leave the tech jargon at the door and break it into colloquial terms. By the time you're done reading, you'll be a WhatsApp Flow Pro. So keep your reading glasses ready, and let's shred the mystery of WhatsApp Flows one onion peel at a time without any tears!

What is WhatsApp Flow?

Okay, in the plainest words possible, think of WhatsApp Flow as a sort of digital butler.  It's like a behind-the-scenes JARVIS from Ironman, helping businesses automate their customer interactions. Much like a choose-your-own-adventure book, it allows businesses to create response pathways or 'flows' initiated by certain triggers like messages or button clicks from the user.

Source: Meta for Developers

Charming, right?

But why should you, as a business owner, care about these flowchart shenanigans?

Well, allow us to elaborate.

Why WhatsApp Flows Matter for Businesses

WhatsApp Flows are important because they can give your business the superpower of providing an enhanced user experience. Assume that you walk into a bakery, and instead of having to squint to read the fancy cursive menu, you are personally presented with an assortment of pastries.

You're recommended specific options based on your preferences—a choco croissant for the sweet tooth, a savoury ham and cheese puff for the meat lovers, and so on...

That's the type of personalisation and convenience WhatsApp Flows can offer your customers with automated messages. It's like having your customers' favourite waiter on call, 24/7, ready to serve. With such service and improved response times, customer loyalty and conversion rates will likely go through the roof.

The Perks of WhatsApp Flows

When you step into the land of WhatsApp Forms, the first thing that you'll notice is its beautiful form-like interface. This is a feature most businesses have been waiting for ages! It’s so much above merely filling out a form and submitting it. The ease of collecting data, qualifying leads, and customising interactions is just priceless.

Every incoming inquiry gathers information about the customer's lifestyle, preferences, and even their favourite sandwich filling (depending on how intrusive you'd like to be!)

WhatsApp Forms

With WhatsApp Flows, businesses get a form-like interface to stealthily gather data during interactions, giving you insights into customers’ tastes and choices. These custom forms allow businesses to automate appointment booking, in-app shopping experiences, and more. Users can quickly select the date and time and input their details; all software-guided—no more phone tag or messy scheduling.

Source: Meta Developer News

When a potential customer messages you inquiring about a new product or service. A custom flow can take this user through a defining funnel, helping them find the perfect pick while upselling and cross-selling based on their preferences, answers, and purchase history (if any), making the shopping experience memorable!

Dynamic Data Rendering

And to top it off, WhatsApp Forms comes with a cherry on the cake: dynamic data rendering. It may sound like a fancy term, but when you dig deep and understand what it does, you can’t help but appreciate it.

Dynamic data rendering in WhatsApp essentially allows you to tailor the info you show to your customers based on their previous responses or actions. So, imagine serving content that adjusts in real time. Do you fancy a new haircut? Here are the trending styles you might want to consider.

Source: WhatsApp Flow | Best Practices

With WhatsApp Flow, your business will operate like a gourmet restaurant, and even if your customer happens to be a food critic, you could serve them what they will absolutely love before they even ask for it! Dynamic data rendering helps you give your customers precisely what they need at the right time, keeping them happily engaged and coming back for more!

Granted, it's a bit like juggling flaming torches while balancing on a unicycle... but the payoff is huge. Whisk in some personalisation with dynamic data rendering, and now, you've got yourself an irresistibly engaging customer journey that results in higher conversion rates and a soaring bottom line.

The Flip Side of WhatsApp Flows

While WhatsApp Flows is a lot like having a chocolate cake all for yourself, the rich, and the overwhelming can coexist. Yes, drawbacks are there, and it's essential to understand them to get the best out of WhatsApp Flows.

1. High dependency on the technical team

One pressing issue with WhatsApp Flows is its dependence on the technical folks -not that we don't like them, but not all businesses have them in abundance. So, if you don't have a solid IT team or if your team is already drowning in tasks, building a WhatsApp Form all by yourself might seem like a mammoth task.

2. Limited automation capabilities

While the word 'automation' looks promising, unfortunately, WhatsApp Flows isn't a full-course meal. There are still parts of customer interactions that need a human touch. So, be ready to face a time when auto-responders won't cut it, and you might find yourself wishing that robots could, in fact, understand human emotions!

3. Long and tiresome learning curve

Not to forget, the learning curve. Much like mastering potions in the Harry Potter universe, understanding and implementing WhatsApp Forms isn't a one-time task. There are numerous best practices to follow that might make you feel like you've been handed the Marauder's Map with no idea how to unlock it!

Use Cases of WhatsApp Flow

Coming to a crucial part of our jaunt into the 'Flow-verse', let's shed some light on some fascinating real-world applications of WhatsApp Flows.

1. The Allure of Streamlined Shopping Experience

Do you remember the joy of browsing through the vibrant clothing racks at your favourite store, selecting colourful pieces, and then queuing up in a seemingly never-ending line to pay?

Nah, we neither.

Thanks to WhatsApp Flows, businesses can now create engaging in-app shopping experiences that strike a chord with even the most discerning fashionistas or tech enthusiasts.

Source: Meta for Developers

The custom flows can walk your customer through your splendid product portfolio, offer personalised product recommendations based on their browsing history or saved preferences, provide hyper-local discounts, seamlessly add products to their shopping cart, and eventually lead them to checkout.

It's like having a personal shopping assistant who knows your preferences inside out, and there's absolutely no queue at checkout. Now, isn’t that every shopaholic's dream come true?

2. The Beauty of No-Hassle Event Signups

Whether you're hosting a massive tech conference or a small cupcake decorating class, event signups can become as tangled as a bowl of spaghetti if not managed correctly. Who needs that mess? WhatsApp Forms can make your event signups more seamless.

You can create a flow that not only makes event registration a breeze for your audience but also keeps them informed about event updates in real time. Rather than being a faceless entity sending information through a bland email, you become a constant presence on their favourite chat platform, adding that touch of personalisation that has them feeling valued.

And let's be honest, isn't that what we're all after?

3. The Rockstar Team Builder Exercise

Are you a fan of the film 'Moneyball'?

The movie where Brad Pitt uses statistical data analysis to build his baseball team resonates in the corporate world, doesn't it?

Well, WhatsApp Flows is like your own Brad Pitt (except for his charming good looks, of course).

Source: Meta News for Developers

You can use its data collection capabilities to automate recruitment processes, qualify leads, handle FAQs, and even schedule interviews, making onboarding swifter and candidature management a breeze.

4. Travel Bookings Smooth and Sensible

The easy-to-create custom flow of WhatsApp Flows has a great deal to offer to the travel industry. If you're a tour operator or travel agent, you can establish smarter customer interactions and enhance their pre-trip, on-trip, and post-trip experiences.

Gallabox's WhatsApp Chatbot for Travel Bookings

For instance, WhatsApp Forms can not only help you remind customers to perform a web check-in on time but also allow customers to choose their seats, keep them informed of weather conditions, handle itinerary queries, and even capture post-trip feedback automagically. It’s like having Jarvis from Ironman handle your requests while you sit back and watch the customer satisfaction meter rise!

5. Healthcare Healing with WhatsApp Flows

Healthcare companies can also leverage the sundry advantages of WhatsApp flows. Consider the process of booking an appointment. A few taps here, a few there, and presto!

Gallabox's Healthcare Bot for Enhanced Performance

Instant consultation booking, confirmation, and the peace of knowing when your next check-up is.

Mastering WhatsApp Flow Best Practices: Tips to Optimize Your WhatsApp Flows for Success

Yes, we've all been there, bitten hard by FOMO, but before you rush in to set up your WhatsApp Flows, we urge you to take some time to understand how you can make the most out of it. You know, the 'blink and you’ll miss' kind of stuff.

Some non-negotiable rules are as crucial as catching the golden snitch to get your team a winning chance in the quidditch battle when manoeuvring your form setup.

Braving the Currents of Latency

As we dive deep into the ocean of WhatsApp Flows, it's crucial to stay afloat by managing latency - the delay between a user's action and the chatbot's response. Like waiting for your favourite band to return on stage long after the encore, latency can sometimes test your patience.

When you place yourselves in your customer's shoes, it is not the most desirable situation, right? Timely responses are obligatory to deliver a stellar customer experience.

Tips and Tricks: Learning to implement endpoints in WhatsApp flows can lead to smoother and quicker customer interactions, akin to a ballet dancer performing a flawless pirouette.

Keeping an Eye on Flow Token Expiration

Think of flow_token expiration as the shelf-life of your chatbot's activity. It's kind of like the final slice of pizza at a bash - it survives until it's gobbled up. But this isn't your run-of-the-mill Margherita. An expired token can play havoc with your carefully constructed flow, causing potential mix-ups for your customers. So, learn to tame this beast!

Tips and Tricks: To amp up user engagement with flow messages, Meta advises protracting the flow token expiration period to around 2 to 3 days.

Aesthetics Matter: Design and Capitalisation

First impressions matter, even in the virtual realm. While WhatsApp Flow allows you to automate interactions, how you present this interface is essential. Would you ever dare to attend an interview in your pyjamas? Never in a million years! Why? Because it just won’t set the right first impression!

Source: Meta for Developers

This extends to capitalisation as well. Using consistent and appropriate capitalisation is vital. It's not the Wild, Wild West here; even in text, shouting (ALL CAPS) or whispering (all lowercase) can drastically alter the conversation's tone.

Tips and Tricks: Here’s a nifty little tool that we writers use to ensure that our capitalisation game is spot on: https://capitalizemytitle.com/

You can use this site to ensure every word in your titles, headings, and CTAs is capitalised according to standard rules. Go ahead and give it a try; it is absolutely FREE!

When it comes to form design within your flow, think of it as creating a Harry Potter potion - the right ingredients, in the right order, make all the difference! Prioritising an effective form design can turbocharge user experience and guarantee efficient information collection.

Picking user-aligned components such as date pickers for date-of-birth entries or text areas over simple inputs for longer replies is as crucial as timely stirring. Equally non-negotiable is channelling your inner Severus Snape to ensure your questions and labels clearly and elegantly communicate their intention.

Most importantly, sequence matters - it's all about that first name before the last name flow. Follow the KISS principle and keep it simple and straightforward - if a form isn't important for task completion, make it optional.

Tips and Tricks: Do check out the comprehensive guide on WhatsApp Flow best practices, penned by the team at Meta if you’d like to enhance the quality of your WhatsApp Flows.

WhatsApp Flows: The Boundless Potential

Join us as we explore the boundless potentials of WhatsApp Flows and take a moment to understand how it paves the way for smooth communication, customised user interactions, and effective dialogue.

Seamless event signups

Ever struggled with handling event sign-ups? WhatsApp Flows comes to your rescue, like a superhero! It offers personalised guides for customers during the sign-up process, making it interactive and enjoyable. So, why wait? Dive in, your customers will thank you!

Effortless service bookings

WhatsApp Flows hold the potential to make service bookings a breeze. By developing custom flows that steer customers through the reservation process, businesses of any size can offer a deeply personalised experience tailored to the individual needs of each customer.

Source: Meta News for Developers

Improved travel experiences

Flows have proven to be instrumental in creating enhanced travel experiences as per Meta’s beta testing. By constructing customised flows that shepherd customers during their booking journey, businesses can offer a human-like touch that caters to the individual needs of each customer. This not only heightens customer satisfaction but also fosters customer loyalty.

How to Measure the Impact of Your WhatsApp Flows

You've created WhatsApp flows tailored to your customers' needs and habits. Now it's time to measure their impact and effectiveness.

Consider WhatsApp flows as a thrilling season of 'Sherlock', with you as the showrunner and your customers as the audience. If you aren't tracking the audience's reactions, you won't know if they're engaged or not.

To validate your approach and measure the returns of your efforts, monitor these four key performance metrics:

  • Engagement Rates: How do users interact with your WhatsApp flows? Which content is their favorite? Monitoring engagement rates allows you to refine the flow content and design to keep users engaged.
  • Response Times: People crave instant gratification. Tracking response times ensures you're meeting customer demands for quick responses. Swift and relevant responses add to user satisfaction and cultivate better results.
  • Conversion Rates: How many users take meaningful actions within your flows, such as making a purchase or booking a service? Identifying any bottlenecks can help you improve these rates and achieve your desired objectives.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Surveys, feedback, or ratings from users can bring to light their satisfaction levels. This information can help you identify areas where you can improve your WhatsApp flow practices.

Just as every great Sherlock needs a brilliant Watson by his side, understanding the 'whodunit' of success (and failure) is vital. So, don that analytical cap and start measuring those WhatsApp flows to pave your path to victory. Understanding what's working and what's not is vital to success regardless of your use case for WhatsApp flow!



That was quite an expedition, wasn't it?

Despite the possible hurdles, WhatsApp Flows has the potential to solve numerous problems you've been experiencing with customer interaction, like speed, efficiency, personalisation, and so much more. It might seem like a mammoth task right now, but with solutions like Gallabox, it gets a lot easier.

A bit like Frodo being handed down the One Ring to destroy it—he had Samwise by his side; You've got Gallabox for your WhatsApp Flow journey. So hop onto a free trial, Rev up your businesses, and get hold of WhatsApp Flows to step up your game significantly!

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